Granite Kitchen Countertops Alternatives

Granite is incredibly popular and that is not without good reason, but there are some great alternatives to choosing this material that will provide you with the same high end look to your brand new kitchen countertops.


This kind of counter will look and feel like real stone, without the drawbacks of things like having to reseal them every few years. Normally customers choose granite over quartz because they want the look of natural stone but quartz is much more durable actually. This product is really quite indestructible and will stand up to wear and tear over time just as well as granite will.


This is an up and coming trend from Europe. It is similar to tiles in terms of texture but it is actually manufactured in a slab so it is stronger and more heat resistant.

Solid Surface

This is kind of like a plastic, but it is kind of fading out. It used to be really popular when there were less alternatives to your counter top selections, and it became known that this product scratches quite easily so it much more care must be taken with this kind of counter.


You can get this in almost any colour because glass counters are back painted and therefore they will compliment pretty much any kitchen, and you have a lot of options when ordering this product. Glass counters are also tempered glass so they are heat resistant.


This material looks great in almost all kitchens, and that is the reason most people choose it, but it tends to crack and stain easy so it does require so much more maintenance than many other counters.


This is a new kind of material that is up and coming in the industry. Due to how it is constructed great care must be taken when manufacturing and installing this kind of counter, but once it is installed properly it is incredibly durable and is comparable to materials like quartz.

Solid Wood

Wood is not really durable in the kitchen and does not stand up well, however it is very popular in eating areas because it makes the area feel warm and inviting.


This kind of counter has been seen previously as a low end, or cheap option, for your counter however they have come a long way. There are a lot of options now for laminate counters and they are incredibly durable. This is a valid option for those looking for a low maintenance, durable option for your kitchen.


This is the hardest counter material to maintain but it will always look timeless and elegant in pretty much any kitchen. It will require resealing every 3 – 5 years but as long as it is well maintained it will be well worth the investment required.


This material is expensive and scratches very easily. There are some brushed finishes you can buy that, while they will still scratch, you can buff the scratches out of the surface over time.

While granite is a great option for your kitchen countertops it is not the only option and there are some great alternatives to this material that might be easier on your wallet or more durable for your lifestyle. By doing your research you will be able to find out which one is right for your new kitchen.