Granite Kitchen Countertops

When homes have marble or granite counters the homeowners are almost always bragging about their counters, and you really do not hear many people just dying to tell you about their new laminate counters. Laminate might be a material that is overlooked and perhaps even given a bad reputation over the years, but things have changed and so has laminate products. There are numerous reasons why a laminate counter top is a great alternative to marble, and here are five of them

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Laminate is installed seamlessly, and that is not without serious benefits! This option is easy to clean, and easy to keep clean. There is very little maintenance you need to do it on, as in you will not ever have to seal it like you would with marble, and it can be cleaned using regular house hold cleaning products.

Easy on the Wallet

When compared to other counter materials frequently used, like stone, laminate is hands down the most friendly to your wallet. It can start anywhere in the neighbourhood of $15 per square foot making it far more affordable than something like quartz, granite or marble which can start, often, anywhere from $50 - $100 per square foot. You do have to take a little more care with sharp things like knives, really hot pots or pans and abrasive cleaners but that kind of care is so much easier to accomplish than attempting to seal your counters every 3 years.

It Looks Good

With the new styles available laminate counters look good, really good actually! The patterns available will compliment both dark and light cabinets, whether painted or not. You can pretty much find anything, really anything, to suit your taste and any previously existing fixtures in your kitchen. Since this is an engineered product the options are legitimately endless. There are even marble look alike options that you can choose so that you have the look of marble, without the cost and upkeep.

More Style Than Ever Before

Laminate counters can be ordered without the apron, or ‘lip’ at the back of them and when installed they will end at the wall behind your cupboards. With installation like this, you can select a gorgeous back splash and make your kitchen even trendier.

Easy on the Wallet

It is no longer just high end counters making the covers of magazines, and lots of budget friendly renovations are making the covers of home magazines everywhere. Your brand new kitchen will look absolutely amazing, and completely magazine worthy. You might even find a marble look alike that has all your friends wondering if you splurged for really high end counters. What’s more is that because of the amount you saved on counters by choosing laminate you can splurge on other items in your kitchen and make your budget go even further.

Laminate is a valid option for kitchen counters, and the material itself has come a really long way in terms of its look and options. Since it is completely budget friendly it is definitely within your best interest to explore this material when looking to select a new kitchen countertops, and due to what you save here maybe you will have enough budget left over for that really high tech fridge you wanted or maybe brand new cupboards, too!