home-granite-countertopsKitchen Countertops

When it comes to remodelling the kitchen in your Toronto home, most experts recommend choosing the countertop before anything else since it can have the biggest impact on the aesthetics.

But the task can be nothing short of overwhelming due to an ever increasing number of materials and designs to choose from. Contrary to popular notion, when it comes to countertop design, the rules are not set in stone.

What works for someone else may not be the best choice for you. So here are 5 inside tips to make your decision making process easier.

Be open to options

If you think that Granite is the only countertop material that will increase the value of your home, and is maintenance free, then we completely understand where you come from. But it’s not true anymore. There are other countertop materials like engineered stone and stainless steel which are equally good, if not better. As a homeowner, you’d want to choose the material that’s best suited for your kitchen. Not something that looks good in a magazine.

Think of the usage

No countertop material will feel right if you do not love to use it every day. Think about how it will feel when you use it. Are you diligent about cleaning any accidentally spilled liquids right away? Do you entertain guests in your kitchen who may not be as careful as you are with the counter? Most importantly, do you have children in the house who may use the counter for everything from breakfast to homework to playtime? Your choice of the new countertop should depend on all these factors.


Your choice of colour is crucial in setting the tone of the kitchen design. If your theme is predominantly neutral, then you can consider opting for bold coloured counters which can make a statement. Solid surfaces are available in a wide array of colours. If you are opting for natural stone instead, then ensure that take a look at the samples in the actual kitchen. The light in your kitchen can alter the appearance of the stone greatly. What you see in the warehouse in Toronto may not be similar to what it looks in your kitchen.

All Countertop Materials are durable

If you like a particular countertop material for its aesthetics, go for it by all means. Do not sacrifice it fearing that it won’t be durable. Durability is a matter of perspective. What may seem durable for you may not seem durable for someone else. If you want a countertop material that’s considered to be bulletproof against scratches and stains, there’s Corian. But if you like Wood better, then choose wood. Let it age gracefully with its marks to show.

You can mix it

You do not have to use the same countertop material across the kitchen. Surfaces like soapstone and granite are ideal to be used near the sink and the stove where there are more chances of staining. You can always use marble, recycled glass or engineered stone in other areas like the island. Like we said before, the rules are not set in stone.

Your kitchen countertops can completely transform the look of your kitchen in Toronto. So choose wisely.