At Stone Masters we have something for everyone when it comes to kitchen sinks.

There is no shortage of offerings here on our website and you can be sure to get the highest quality product you can when you invest in a sink through Stone Masters in thedouble kitchen sinks toronto Greater Toronto Area.  When you invite guests over for dinner, there is a good chance the group may congregate in the kitchen as the meal is being made.  What better time to show-off your beautiful stainless steel drop in sink to your friends and family?  They will marvel at the smooth lines and beautiful finish, nit too mention the resistance to watermarks that our sinks offer.

We currently showcase three different choices for your kitchen sink, each with a variety of different designs:

Double Undermount – Fifteen different designs are featured for this easy to clean and beautifully rendered kitchen sink option. Our shapes are customizable and range from a conventional square design to asymmetrical sizes and diamond patterns as well. When you are ready to spruce up your kitchen with a new sink, give us a call to discuss your layout and choices.

Single Undermount – These sinks come in six different variations and can be customized to your preference as well. Smaller kitchens typically use single sinks and these will give your cooking space a simple sophistication that is sure to impress your guests and will put a nice smile on your face whenever you look down into its clean, stainless depths.

Drop Ins – There are five different choices for drop in sinks that we offer from our Toronto-based showroom and those that enjoy the look of a little extra stainless steel around the edges will appreciate the variety of shapes and sizes we offer. All of our drop ins are dual sinks and come in shapes that include round, rectangular and asymmetrical with an added dryer area to keep your countertops dry and free of clutter.

Commitment to quality and service

We at Stone Masters are always adding to our inventory with the most cutting edge and progressive styles such as porcelain, cast iron and granite, so please do not hesitate to contact our certified and professionally trained customer service agents in order to kitchen sinks in Torontosee what may have just arrived at the showroom.  Our representatives can take a look at your kitchen plans and assist you with questions or advice on which styles will best fit your space and why.

We understand that you could go to many different companies for your kitchen sink needs, so in order to secure your business and keep it for years to come we are committed to offering the best service and highest quality products that can be found in the industry.  The Toronto market is a competitive one, but we believe our team of dedicated international buyers and customer service agents can provide you with the best kitchen sinks in the market and we at Stone Masters are committed to helping you create the kitchen of your dreams.  Please give us a call as we’d love to discuss your kitchen plans and help you purchase a beautiful sink for your bar, island or kitchen countertop.

Stone Masters Kitchen Sinks

Your options are almost unlimited when it comes to kitchen sinks in Toronto. We offer a variety, ranging from drop-in sinks to double under-mounts. It is the hardest working fixture in the kitchen. Think if the number of times per day someone uses it. Every single person in the household will use it several times a day just to wash their hands.

Since the kitchen sink is used so often, you’ll need one that is built to last. This multi-functional fixture is available in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and configurations. A high-quality sink made of a durable material should last decades.

Choosing Your Kitchen Sink

stonemasters-kitchen-sinks-3You have three primary options: drop-ins, single under-mounts, and double under-mounts. We offer different designs and variations for each of these three types of sinks. If you want to replace your current sink, you probably have an idea of what kind you need. The drop-in, or self-rimming sinks, are the easiest to install, as they are simply placed into a cut out in the countertop on top of the base cabinet.

Replacing an under-mounted sink is a bit more difficult. In order to install it properly, there needs to be sufficient support under the countertop. You may need a professional installation job. Another thing to consider is whether or not you want to replace the entire countertop and cabinets to match the new sink.

Configuration refers to the broad attributes of a sink, such as its shape, number of bowls, number of faucet holes, etc. If you have a small kitchen, you probably won’t have enough room for a large double-mount sink. Likewise, a small, drop-in sink won’t look right set in a large countertop.
Building a brand new kitchen?

The ideal location for the installation of a new sink is influenced by the proximity to the inlet and outlet of the water. A corner sink might be a good choice if you have a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen. Kitchen Sinks

In our catalogue you will find sinks of every style, made with the most cutting-edge methods, in materials such as porcelain and cast iron. Imagine how visually stunning one of these sleek sinks will look set in one of our granite or quartz countertops. Our sinks are constructed from the finest materials available today.

Cast iron sinks are durable and easy to maintain. Many feature an appealing porcelain enamel coating that provides a glossy finish. Any water spot or streak is hidden well on lighter coloured cast iron sinks. They look great in just about any type of kitchen – especially modern kitchens.
For a more traditional look, you might be interested in a granite sink.

Having one of Stone Masters’ sinks installed in your kitchen will increase the value of your home.

Let us know about your kitchen renovation Mississauga plans and we will help you select the right kitchen sink in Toronto. Our interior design experts will help you determine which sink size, configuration, and material would be the most ideal for your kitchen. Call or fill out the customer service form for a free quote.