Granite stone backsplashPolished Granite Countertops

On HGTV’s popular TV Show called ‘House Hunters’, couples have openly declared their love towards granite countertops. A few have gone to the extent of refusing to buy homes that do not have them. Wow!

Now that’s something that you don’t see every day. If you are planning to sell your Toronto home in the near future, you’d want to take a look at your kitchen.

Why do home buyers have a biased viewpoint towards granite countertops? What makes it such a popular choice?

Now that there are other worthy contenders like Quartz, that is holding centre stage, does it still make sense to invest big in granite?

Let’s find out.

Cost vs. ROI

You may decide to purchase granite countertops at Home Depot or at your local Toronto granite supplier. Either way, the rough estimated cost will be at least $25 to $125 per sq. ft depending on the type of granite that you choose to invest in. That’s a significant investment when you consider the cost of replacing countertops for a large sized kitchen.

But, at the time of resale, granite countertops offer up to 100% ROI. The newer the countertop, higher the ROI. That is better than what any other kitchen countertop material would help you recoup. So, by installing granite countertops, you automatically increase the value of your home.

The Appeal

The popularity of granite goes way beyond economic reasons. It is one of the most elegant stones to be used in living spaces. It is available in a variety of colours, textures and patterns. From light to dark to deep with contrasting and glittering veins, the choices are endless when it comes to granite.

Cosmetics/Nail Polish

If you have a granite countertop in your bathroom, then you’d want to keep cosmetics off it. Cosmetics contain chemicals which can damage the granite after prolonged exposure. Nail Polish Remover or Acetone in particular, can damage the sealant on the granite.


The kitchen is not the only place that can use a granite countertop though. The bathroom, fireplace, outdoor areas and windows, you can play around with granite in many parts of your Toronto home. Choose a different colour and pattern for each area and add your signature customization. Always remember that you will get top dollar for the investment if you plan to resell.


Stone is measured on a Mohs scale for hardness. The strongest stone is Diamond at 10. Granite ranges from 6 to 8 on the scale. That explains how durable and tough it is. It is also resistant to heat and scratches. So if you accidentally set a hot pot on the countertop or spill some red wine on it, it won’t get damaged or stained.

Low Maintenance

Granite installers apply a permanent seal on the stone which prevents it from fading or wearing out over a period of time. It is extremely easy to maintain and all you need is some water and a microfiber cloth to keep the cabinet spic and span.

Timeless and Long lasting

Voguish trends may come and go. But granite countertops are a timeless classic that refuses to go out of style. Irrespective of whether you installed in 15 years ago or you are planning to install it today in your Toronto home, it will not look dated for the next decade at least.