Choosing Quartz Countertop Color

Choosing Quartz Countertop ColorWhen it comes to quartz countertops, homeowners usually have a broad spectrum of colors to choose from, ranging from dark tones to cool pastels. Choosing the right quartz color for your countertop is a crucial step in your home remodeling project.

Before you go ahead and grab a quartz color for your countertop, you may need to think of how the countertop will coordinate with the other surfaces in your bathroom, kitchen and perhaps your office. Note that your countertops will integrate with carpets, fixtures, lighting, walls and cabinetry to create a harmonious décor. With that, you may need to get a manufacturer who deals with a broad selection of styles and colors as this will offer you maximum flexibility when you are designing your countertops.

Note that quartz is among the most versatile materials and can be shaped, treated and tinted to fit your preferences. When you start shopping, it will difficult for you to choose the perfect color.  With the broad spectrum of colors to choose from, it is challenging for a homeowner to select a particular color.

Those who manufacture quartz for countertops usually have sample images of the available colors of quartz for countertops. You can check these images or browse for similar images online, and from that, you can get an idea of the color you may need for your countertop.

Choose the right color for your countertop

Your countertop color can bring a significant difference in the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen. Note that light countertop colors are likely to result in the sense of spacious and large room. Therefore, if your bathroom, kitchen or any other room that needs a counter is small, consider having light colored countertops. For instance, you may opt for cream, gray or pale pink countertops. On the other hand, if the bathroom or the kitchen is large, you may opt for dark colors including brown, dark gray, and perhaps black can bring an extra elegance and style.

Besides, the colors in your house are likely to impact its character and atmosphere. For a professional office décor, you may need to install charcoal quartz or a black countertop as it offers a sense of stability and dignity. If you own a master bathroom, installing a rich gold countertop can create a luxurious look. You may variegate the color of your quartz countertop with swirls and flecks or brown to offer your countertop the normal appearance of stone.

Various manufacturers introduce new shade series from time to time. Though such quartz colors are usually advertised heavily as compared to other shades, homeowners might get discounts by selecting colors from older series. Though the latest trends might seem appealing, you should choose a color that will add value to your home and stand the test of time.

When choosing a quartz countertop color, you should consider various factors, including your color preferences, the existing colors in your kitchen or bathroom, the trends and more.