Estimating the Cost of Quartz Countertops

Estimating the Cost of Quartz CountertopsQuartz is among the most beautiful and long lasting options when it comes to choosing materials for home design. It’s often used in bathrooms and kitchens. Just like many other building materials, quartz is quarried and then cleaned before it’s put into various uses. When choosing stone and laminate materials for your countertop, engineered quartz brings together both of these worlds to form a stylish look that can last long.

Estimating the cost of quartz for a countertop

The cost of quartz depends on various factors. The quality of quartz is among the primary determinants of price of quartz. For instance, low-quality quartz is cheaper than the mid-quality quartz which is cheaper as compared to the high-quality quartz. Besides, the brand and the quartz manufacturer influence the price of quartz significantly.

Though the process of fabricating quartz is almost the same for every manufacturer, keep in mind the quality of quartz boils down to the longevity of the countertop and client satisfaction as well. Therefore, analyzing the prices and quality of quartz from different manufacturers and asking for recommendations from previous users and experts can help you to estimate the cost of quartz required for your countertops.

Apart from the initial cost of the quartz, you also need to estimate the installation cost of the countertop. Note that this cost is likely to fluctuate depending on the number of slabs of quartz and any extra finishes that you may need. For instance, you will notice that the countertop installation cost will increase when you need detailed edging fabrications or extra fixtures and perhaps the sink cut-outs. Keep in mind that for you to effectively estimate the cost of countertop installation you will need to know the installation cost per square foot and then measure the countertop area.

To estimate the entire installation cost of your quartz countertops, analyze the cost for the following installation activities:


The installation professional will need to level the countertop before installing the quartz to avoid gaps and eliminate the chances of racking.

Adding support

The process of fabricating a countertop involves cutting and shaping the countertop to fit the owner’s requirements. This will involve inspecting the template layout, slab, shaping the slab and more. Where necessary, the professional might need to add support to ensure that the slab is strong.

Joining seams

A kitchen that has big counter space needs at least a seam which will require seam joining.

Depending on the size and shape of the counter you need, the activities mentioned above are likely to increase the cost of installing the countertop made of quartz. Note that different companies that help in countertop installation might charge differently. Unless you can install the countertop on your own, you will need to check what various companies charge so that you can accurately estimate the cost of installing quartz countertop.

You will need to add the installation cost to the original cost of the quartz to know what you are likely to spend on the entire project.