Why Quartz Kitchen Countertops Are the New Trend

quartz kitchen countertop trendKitchen renovation fads come and go. Certain styles seem to come and stay, however, the use of natural-looking materials on kitchen countertops, for instance, is a trend that has continued for the past couple of decades. Marble and granite are among the natural stone options that have become popular over the years. Lately, though, quartz has been capturing the attention of designers and homeowners due to its variety and durability.
Quartz bucks the natural stone trend because it is a manmade material. Although it’s engineered, quartz can be designed to have patterns in it that mimic materials such as marble or granite. To the trained eye, it looks quite different than natural stone and therefore isn't a replacement for those who have their hearts set on granite countertops. It’s available in many more colours and variations than natural stone, however, making quartz the perfect choice for a wide range of decor styles.

Many people choose quartz because it enables them to get more for their money. Especially if you’re remodelling an entire kitchen, saving a bit on countertops will enable you to splurge a bit on new cabinetry and appliances. Although low-quality granite may run in the same price range as quartz, it’s a huge mistake to cut costs on something as important as kitchen countertops. If cost is an issue, it’s better to go with a high-quality quartz than a low-quality natural stone that will cause maintenance headaches. 

Maintenance is, in fact, another reason why quartz has become all the rage. Natural stone looks beautiful, but it requires upkeep. Granite countertops must be carefully sealed before use or the porous material will absorb stains like a sponge. Homeowners must update the sealant every so often to keep their granite protected. Even with the sealant in place, acidic substances such as lemon juice, vinegar, or hard chemicals can eat through and etch a natural stone countertop. 

Homeowners these days are fed up with kitchen countertops that have to be babied. They demand countertops that look great and are easy to clean and care for. Quartz fits the bill. It’s non-porous and won’t absorb stains. It’s also incredibly durable. Quartz is hard to scratch and virtually impossible to chip—truly important in a room where so much family life happens. The only real concern with a quartz kitchen counter is heat. Because it’s not heat-proof, it’s important to always use a barrier such as a potholder or trivet in between a hot pan and your quartz countertop.

When natural stone first became all the rage, many potential home buyers demanded granite or marble countertops. Now that most people have lived with these countertops and realized the maintenance that is required, people have become more amenable to materials like quartz. Installing brand-new quartz countertops in your kitchen is a cost-effective way to transform your home, whether it’s for your own enjoyment or if you have upcoming plans to sell.