Is Quartz a Safe Material for Countertops?

Is Quartz a Safe Material for Countertops?Quartz, also known as engineered stone, is a highly tear and wear resistant material that is commonly used to make countertops. Since this material is created using tough combinations of resin and natural crystals, it’s durable. This material is safe for countertops in your kitchen, bathroom and offices. However, you must take various precautions to ensure that the quartz countertop is well-protected from what can degrade it.

Despite the fact that quartz is resistant to scratches and cuts, it can be negatively affected by heat or corrosive chemicals. Therefore, experts recommend gentle cleaning especially using clean water and mild cleaning detergents. Besides, if you want your countertops to last longer, you shouldn’t expose them to heat, corrosive chemicals, substances that might discolor the quartz permanently and avoid scrubbing the surfaces with abrasive materials.

Should You Install Quartz Countertops In Bathrooms & Kitchens?

Engineered quartz is non-porous, and this implies that you don’t need a sealant to protect a quartz surface from moisture, germs or dirt. The polymers that manufacturers use when manufacturing quartz tend to make it durable and sturdy.

When used on kitchen countertops, quartz is a strong material that isn’t affected when it comes into contact with metallic cookware, ceramic utensils, glass and other tools found in our kitchens. But you should be careful not to scratch your countertop. This means that you should avoid cutting stuff using the countertop to aid chopping. Instead, you need a chopping board for such tasks to avoid making scratches and tiny cuts on your countertop.

Why Quartz Countertops Are Environmentally Friendly

Besides, you should protect your food from contamination when cooking. One thing I like about quartz countertop is that it’s non-porous, smooth and has no openings on the surface. Quartz doesn’t absorb water like wooden countertops, and this means that you can keep such surfaces clean and free from bacteria. With that, you can be assured that quartz is a perfect material for your kitchen countertop.

Bathrooms tend to have moisture and warmth, making them a perfect breeding area for mold, bacteria and mildew. If you have counters in your bathroom or sinks, consider coating them with quartz. It will offer a continuous smooth surface which is non-porous. It’s easier to clean such surfaces to ensure that they are free from germs. Note that you should not use bleach or other corrosive chemicals when cleaning quartz surfaces to avoid discoloring them permanently.

Quartz Countertops

When it comes to determining whether quartz is a safe material for making countertops, the answer might depend on how the countertop is taken care of in your home. If you let the surfaces stay dirty with food and liquid spills all over, they are likely to have germs, mold and other undesirable organisms that might contaminate your food. Besides, a dirty quartz countertop can’t last longer because such dirt can discolor it, cause tear and wear, and other negative effects.

To ensure that your quartz countertop is clean and safe, you must clean it regularly and avoid anything that might lower it’s value.