Granite Kitchen Countertops

It is finally time and you are going to be renovating your kitchen. You have all kinds of ideas and you know exactly how you want your kitchen countertops to look when it is done, but when it comes to counters you really do not know exactly which counter you want to pick but just that you need a new one. Perhaps you heard the term ‘granite’ thrown around but you do not know what it means or why you should buy it. What does it mean for your house. Well here are 5 reasons why you should choose granite for your new counters.

Resale Value

A home with granite counters is a home that is likely to sell quickly. Regardless of if it is now, or ten years from now these counters will provide a great resale value for your home. With regular care they will also look amazing through the years and look as great as the day you installed them.

It’s All Natural

There is a big trend right now to be green and environmentally friendly with as much of your home as possible, so the fact that these counters are natural are definitely following today’s trends. What is more is that each slab of granite cut is unique so your kitchen countertops will not look like anyone else’s counter out there.

It’s Durable

Granite is a really tough material, so it is more than likely going to stand up to the daily wear and tear of your life. It is resistant to scratching and chipping, but what is more is that it is actually heat resistant too so you can actually set hot pots or pans on it without issue. Natural materials are also immune to freezing, thawing, mold and mildew which means it is really hard to find fault in choosing this as your counter.

Easy to Clean and Low Maintenance

You can use a regular house hold cleaner on this surface to clean up messes and spills. Anything like gum or nail polish can be scraped away with a putty knife, or similar plastic edge. You can preserve your stone by applying a topical sealant once a year to keep it looking brand new.


This choice of material is popular not only because it looks great but because it is completely affordable when compared to other high end counters. If you can deal directly with the factory and purchase your product at wholesale prices you can often save a huge amount of money, even off of this already affordable product. You can also order this custom from most stores so that you know it is going to fit exactly.

Overall, granite is a great choice for your counters because it allows for you to have a space that shows incredibly well and you can save a bit on budget. If you are able to fit this material into your budget this counter material will add so much to the look of your home, while also being able to stand up to daily wear and tear. There are cheaper options for your counter out there however when it comes to having a natural stone counter you can brag about to your friends there is just nothing out there that can compare to this option.