Engineered Kitchen Countertops

When you are renovating your kitchen there are so many options to pick from: cupboard finishes, hardware selections, under mount or top mount sink, appliances and so on. However when it comes to your kitchen countertops, besides the look of them, have you thought about what material you will select or how you should approach buying a countertop?

Engineered stone is a great alternative to natural cut materials. Sometimes this material is referred to as quartz but the term engineered stone is a better explanation of what the product actually is. These kinds of counters are made from quartz crystals held together with a resin, so they look very similar to natural stone but actually have benefits that natural stone just does not possess. Here are some advantages to selecting an engineered stone kitchen countertops.

They look great!

No, really they look very similar to natural stones like granite and slate. However because the material is compressed you will notice this material has a much more uniform look to it than something like granite. Those who want a uniform colour throughout their space will definitely enjoy the fact that this material has a much more predictable colour throughout than a natural cut material would. Further to this, although most of the colour comes from the natural hue of the quartz dyes can be added to achieve the desired look and feel of the counter so it can be a much more custom product.

They will last . . . a long, long time

Some great habits to keep your counter shining include using coasters under beverages, never placing hot items directly on the counter, and placing mats under objects that could potentially scratch the counter. Also remember that more acidic substances such as juice and alcohol should be handled with care around the counter and any of these spills should be cleaned promptly.

The Deep Clean

Natural stone materials are porous, ad that means over time items spilled on your counter might be absorbed and therefore create a huge area for bacteria to get into. Engineered stone does not absorb any liquid and therefore it is easy to clean up, and keep clean over time. Further if you work with raw meats directly on your counter surface then you will not have to worry about bacteria growth from those seeping through, and you can simply wipe away any residue left over.

No stains

If the sealant on your natural stone counter wears off then it is especially susceptible to stains from oils, juice, wine and many other items that might be spilled on your counter over time. Engineered materials stand up to stains from various items much better over time than natural stone does, so your counters will stay looking as great as the day they were installed.

Choices, choices, choices

Engineered material come in a vast array of colours and styles, so you will definitely find more than one to fit your kitchen renovation look. Colours are usually in the neutrals for this kind of material, but can come in a variety of hues if needed. This might lead to a bigger issue that with so many options you just do not know which one to pick for your new kitchen.

Overall, if you really like the look of natural materials like granite or slate but your lifestyle, or maybe your budget, just is not quite in sync with your desire then perhaps thinking about an engineered material is a better option for you. Over time this type of counter will stay looking better, and will stand up to daily wear and tear much better than a natural cut stone will. They also do not require the same level of care, or maintenance which is especially great for those with a lifestyle on the go most of the time.