Budgeting For Kitchen Countertops

If you have a certain amount of money set aside for building a new kitchen or renovating your old one, price is going to be a crucial factor to consider for everything in your kitchen. In particular, kitchen countertops can range wildly in price and are a visual cornerstone of any home. Striking the perfect balance between your budget and achieving that ideal looking kitchen can be difficult, but fortunately there are many versatile options in the countertop marketplace so that you can find what you need.


Known for its exquisitely veined patterns, marble countertops are a top pick for those in Toronto with a more than modest budget. While it is one of the most expensive countertop solutions, you get what you pay for with its durability, heat resistance, strikingly good looks. On the other hand, you need to be wary about marble’s porousness. It needs to be maintained with the proper sealant or it will be prone to stains and scratches.


These countertops are still expensive after decades of being in the limelight, but if anything, they have become a more affordable and viable option in recent years. Granite’s natural stone look is timeless and can be a possible option for mid-ranged budgets. These kitchen countertops outshine marble as far as sheer durability though they also need to be sealed every couple of years for optimal longevity.


Manmade and engineered to be durable and nonporous, quartz countertops are another great mid-range budget choice for the kitchen. Depending on the products you are looking at quartz could be more or less cost-effective than granite. It can come in a greater variety of colours than granite and can even replicate the look of some marble countertops. Its nonporous quality means it is less likely to be stained and cleans easier. The only downside to consider is that quartz is not as heat resistant and may fade in direct sunlight.

Solid Surface

A solid surface countertop is a good option for lower mid-ranged budgets. They come in an astonishing variety of textures and colours and can imitate the look of many natural stone counters. They boast impressive durability, can be sanded to remedy scratches, and are typically one of the most low-maintenance countertops. Just keep in mind that they are not as heat resistant as most stone counters.


For a cheaper yet extremely versatile kitchen countertop option, tile can do wonders. The ability to mix and match a seemingly endless array of tiles can lead to greater design freedom and can look remarkable when done right. Though durable in its own right, tile can still succumb to chips and cracks moreso than the previous alternatives. Some also consider grout maintenance to be a hassle.


One of the most affordable alternatives available, laminate kitchen countertops offer variety and modest durability. They have even progressed to the point where they can replicate a natural stone look. They are a low-maintenance countertop solution that is easy to clean; however, laminate is susceptible to scratches, heat damage, and fading when exposed to direct sunlight.

Ready to choose the perfect kitchen countertop? Just remember that impressive looks are affordable!