quartz-granite-countertopsKitchen Countertops Trends

The kitchen is a pivotal room of any home; not only does it serve a very important practical function, but it may see more traffic than any other room in your home. Everyone that lives in a house uses the kitchen on a daily basis, and kitchens are often located where guests are bound to walk through or even hang around and talk. Either way you look at it, the kitchen plays a fundamental role in your home’s visual aesthetics and maintaining a striking kitchen will not only impress visitors but will make your day-to-day time spent in the kitchen more pleasant.

Every Toronto homeowner knows that one of the most practical and visually important aspects of any kitchen is the countertop it uses. Most trends come and go, but here are some kitchen countertops trends that are generating mass appeal in 2016 and are looking to stay relevant for the foreseeable future.

Popular Materials

Some of the most in-demand materials for countertops are not surprisingly still natural stone materials such as granite and marble. Granite is more durable than all natural materials with the exception of the strongest gemstones, and it’s growing popularity shows that people appreciate its aesthetics just as much as its practicality. While more susceptible to scratches and stains, marble boasts a stunning look for high-end kitchens that many prefer to granite.

On the other hand, there has been surge in popularity for engineered stone countertops such as quartz. These resilient countertops are designed to be quite durable and can be made to look very similar to certain marble countertops. Quartz is designed to be more stain-proof and requires less maintenance than natural stone counters, but it still isn’t as heat-resistant when compared alongside the mighty granite.

Patterns and Colours

Many types of marble kitchen countertops are currently trending. Fortunately, since quartz can replicate many marble counters, you have options. A sleek and clean surface is in demand and the patterns offered by most stones including granite will remain popular for years. Whites, blacks, and greys are all very popular choices for that sharp, professional look, but something with more colour might complement your home better depending on your home’s overall design and colour palette. Remember that light colours expand while dark colours provide a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Edge Design

An extended waterfall counter edge that falls to the floor is one design trend that looks exquisite in any kitchen. For your average edge, counters can come in a variety of forms. Families typically find a rounded edge more comfortable and child-friendly. Conversely, a home with no children might do better with the clean, modern look of a mitered edge. Both are popular choices that appeal to a wide group of people, so you really want to go with the edge type that best complements your home and its residents.

As you can see, kitchen countertops trends have not drastically changed. Natural stone remains popular though engineered counters made of quartz are also popular. Whatever you choose to invest in, you can be sure that today’s trends will have longevity and that you won’t need to be replacing that counter anytime soon.