Exotic Kitchen Countertops

Curious about some of the stranger countertops that are taking over people’s kitchens in the Toronto area? Kitchens are known to be a place for experimentation and kitchen countertops have been no exception. While the popular marble, granite, and quartz countertops are impressive in their own right, there are far less known countertop materials that may surprise you. Read along to learn more about these exotic takes on the traditional kitchen counter!

Lava Stone Countertops

Just as it sounds, lava stone countertops are derived from mined lava. After being cut into properly sized slices and coated with an enamel, the lava stone is heated to incredibly high temperatures and then left to cool. This leaves it an amazingly smooth and eye-popping surface. Additionally, lava stone countertops are incredibly durable, shock-resistant, and nonporous. It also holds up well against scratches, stains, and high temperatures. The only currently known drawback to this newer material is its high cost, which goes above and beyond the cost of marble countertops.

Copper Countertops

All kinds of metal countertops have been attempted over the years. While stainless steel has picked up a bit of steam in the marketplace, copper has flown under the radar as rare choice for lovers of the rustic look (pun possibly intended). Copper countertops are quite easy to clean and maintain. Also, copper’s status as a soft metal means it is more malleable, and this allows for interesting design ideas as far as surface texture and edges. Since copper will react to what sits on its surface, parts of the countertop can take on shades of brown, red, and green. Those that don’t prefer this look will need to clean it regularly.

Resin Countertops

These countertops are essentially cured resin (acrylic, epoxy, or polyester). Resin is an organic substance that is derived from plants. One such example would include tree sap. Resin countertops are actually very durable and originally appeared in labs because of their sturdiness. People eventually started using resin in kitchens and been able to make some amazing designs by mixing recycled glass and other materials into the resin. Resin countertops are nonporous, easy to clean, and they are resistant to heat, scratching, and staining.

Bamboo End Grain Countertops

Strikingly similar to butcher block countertops, these counters are made exclusively from bamboo grass. These counters will give your kitchen a lovely, earthy hue and are priced quite reasonably. They might just be the most eco-friendly of all wooden countertops since bamboo grass grows rapidly and is highly sustainable. They come in a range of patterns and styles and are both sturdy and easy to clean. Along the same lines, there are also palm wood countertops that are made solely from palm trees. Surprisingly, this kind of wood is also stronger than oak wood!

Did any of the kitchen countertops above surprise you? New materials are always being tested for different applications and it just so happens that many strange and exotic materials can make for a great kitchen counter. Perhaps next year there will be even more adventurous countertop ideas floating about.